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    Kade McConville

    We are blessed with 16 maps in Rainbow Six Siege. But what is your favourite?

    [Original Story | Vote | What is Your Favourite in Rainbow Six Siege?]

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    Kade McConville

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    dude the first map created isn’t house, it’s hereford base…

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    Kade McConville

    Cheers buddy – I was going on a hunch here! You sure? The trailer etc was all about house and I’m sure I saw somewhere it was the starting point? Got a source 🙂 Cheers buddy!

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    Woody Woodford


  • #12010

    i’m sure buddy, it was in a panel at the invitationnal x) but I still love house as a map tho 🙂

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    Kade McConville

    Cheers for dropping by Woody! Consulate is definitely a strong map ?

  • #12012
    Kade McConville

    Ah I will take your word and admit my bad haha! Both great maps. Love them both! Thanks for stopping by rKade and hope you stick around ?

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