rKade Forum Gaming Should Bethesda create a new IP after Fallout 4?
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    Kade McConville

    Fallout 4 is amazing. I am still yet to complete the campaign as I am one of those who love to do the side quests too. But with Fallout 4, I can’t help but think “Is this game too good to top?”

    If the game is going to be hard to beat, surely a Fallout 5 would be doomed from the start? So I have been thinking, should we see a totally new game, in a new setting and new time zone? I’ve thought of modern day Africa for example, think Far Cry 4 and you may catch my drift. Or think a little wider, possibly a zombie apocalyptic world like that of Dying Light. I loved Dyling Light, but always thought that the storytelling/character aspect was the weakest part of the game and would benefit with the talents of the people who are behind the Fallout games!

    So that’s my view, but do you think we should see a totally new game from Bethesda? Or would you like to see more from the lovable Wasteland? It will be interesting to hear your thoughts on this one…

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    Kade McConville

    Thoughts on Far Cry’s similar tactic with Primal…

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