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    Kade McConville

    Since the announcement of Call of Duty WWII, there has been a huge reaction – including claims they are copying Battlefield 1. Are they?

    [Original Story | Is Call Of Duty WWII Copying Battlefield 1?]

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    Kade McConville

    Share your thoughts here!

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    Good article. Although Call of Dookie has historically produced inferior titles to the Battlefield series, I will play whatever game is better.

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    Also, probably not getting any comments because your comment box is all fucked up

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    Kade McConville

    Hey Ryan, what’s up with the comment box? All seems fine from our end but obviously if you have an issue, we are not happy ?

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    Kade McConville

    Thanks man! Yeah exactly…loyalty can only go so far. Whatever the best game is gets my vote too!

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    Looks good now. But the other day, the //share this box was completely blocking the “post as” button. Had to use ctrl + Enter to post, user’s may not know this shortcut. It looks fine now on my desktop. But it’s still an issue on android phone as of 2 minutes ago.

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    Like, I don’t think the //share this box size is scaling properly to the resolution of the user’s device.

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