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Here at rKade we love to stream! It’s a really great way to get rKaders involved in what we do and share our love for games.

Kade and Jordan will be streaming live on the rKade Facebook Page at the times below. Just hit the Facebook beneath the guide to check it out! We will also be doing random streams on our YouTube Channel, as well as our regular fun gaming uploads, so please make sure you subscribe to the rKade YouTube Channel too…


rKade TV Hosted by Kade McConville.

“I love to get involved with you the community, so join in the streams, comment and share!”


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When we stream LIVE on YouTube instead of Facebook Live and also for our featured videos, compilations and other funny shit!


The Easiest Way To Kill On Fortnite!

1 year ago

//❝ rKade brings you fresh and controversial gaming news, forums & online store - all in 1 Place. We hated being called geeks, this i...

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