Play Watch Dogs 2 for Free – Available on PS4 & Xbox One

It’s not often that we get to try something for free these days. But Ubisoft have announced that you can access the trial for watch Dogs 2 for free right now on PlayStation 4 and from the 24th January for Xbox One.

Try Watch_Dogs 2 for free! Play co-op or on your own in a vast open world where hacking is your ultimate weapon. Free Trial available January 17th on PS4 and January 24th on Xbox One.Ubisoft

In the free trial, you will have access to 3 hours of content, including the multiplayer which has 3 game modes; “Hacking Invasion”, “Bounty Hunter” and 2 players co-op.

Check out the announcement trailer above and give Watch Dogs 2 a little try for yourself. Don;t forget, if you like the trial, you can order WD2 from the rKade Store by hitting the link below!


Order Watch Dogs 2
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