Poster for the movie "Vacation"

Vacation Trailer #2

The Griswolds are back. Once again returning to Wally World. Take a look at the latest trailer below.

Hoping to bring his family closer together and to recreate his childhood vacation for his own kids, a grown up Rusty Griswold takes his wife and their two sons on a cross-country road trip to the coolest theme park in America, Walley World. Needless to say, things don’t go quite as planned.Vacation.

Ladies (and gentleman to be honest) if you go to see this film you will get to see Liam Hemsworth looking like this. Making women drool and men envious at the same time. Damn, I’ve never been that toned since I came out of the womb!

This looks set to be one of the most disgusting scenes of the movie!

Let’s hope there are more…

Fallout 4 is set in Boston.

Check out the first trailer and a bit more info on the Griswolds from our post last month right here!

Do you think this will live up to the original movies? Or would you rather count this as a standalone series? Comment below…

  • Release date for Vacation is 21 August, 2015 here in the UK.
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