The Walking Dead | Season 5

Over the summer I binge-watched the first four seasons on Now TV. Just in time for Monday Night’s Season Five Premiere. Take a look at the trailer now, you walker-loving people!

My brother had been urging me start watching The Walking Dead for the past 12 months. I caught a glimpse of it once on TV and felt that I couldn’t watch it because I hadn’t done so from season 1. Boy, was I missing out!

Cannot wait to start watching this again!
Cannot wait to start watching this again!

The very first episode did everything you want in a Pilot for a new series – make you want to watch episode 2 immediately! I took a month for me to finish all four seasons, knowing that season five was just around the corner was just another encouragement to cram as many episodes as me and my girlfriend could.

This season has been stated to stay more true to the comic books and at Comic-Con, the words violent and brutal seemed to be the key themes for this season. The character development in this series is amazing, seeing how these people change and how their personalities have had to adapt to a zombie-ridden world. It’s fascinating, shocking and it’s zombies killing people – what’s not to like!?

So for anyone who hasn’t yet, get cracking on with Season One and you will not be disappointed. Don’t forget you can take a look at the Season Five trailer right here on rKade.


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