Power Rangers Gets a Dark Remake

This fan made Power Rangers Movie may be the coolest version we may ever see!

It’s dark, it’s gritty and it’s probably something we will never see in Hollywood. There’s currently a new Power Ranger’s Movie being made, but from the official team at Saban. And we are pretty certain it will be more family friendly than this R rated version with swearing, drugs, sexy and blood!

Take a look at Power/Rangers below…

Adi Shankar, who produced Dredd, teamed up with Joseph Khan to make the short film and I think you’ll agree the result is quite impressive.

Jason David Frank, aka Tommy, had this to say on the fan made film…


What do you think? Would you love to see this version become the norm for a brand that is after all, family orientated? This could go down the same route as the Transformer’s franchise. 

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