My Battlefield 4 Headshot Kill!

Getting ready for Battlefield 1

In anticipation for Battlefield 1 I have been revisiting Battlefield 4 over the past couple of weeks. Yes, it is strange that Battlefield 1 is coming after Battlefield 4, but we can just about get our heads around that for now.

Whilst streaming on rKade TV, I managed to get this insane sniper headshot kill online from a fair distance.

Check it out!

Here is a heads up for you. You can now get Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation Store for £3.99.

No, that is not a typo. It really is £3.99!

Despite being released alongside the PlayStation 4 launch nearly 3 years ago now, the game still easily holds up in 2016. Buy it here and download it straight to your console!

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