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Happy 70th Birthday Sylvester Stallone!

Stallone is still in better shape than most of us!

Rocky, Rambo and Demolition Man. Just a few of the iconic movies that Sylvester Stallone has starred in. The legend turns 70 years old today. Not only is he still starring in action movies, but he is still looking like an absolute beast. His body showing us that age really doesn’t matter and there is no excuse not to get into shape.

In honour of Stallone, check out the following videos to remind us why he is such a legend.

Here’s a tough question, what is your favourite Stallone movie?

Mine is a toss up between Rocky IV, Creed (Stallone received an oscar nomination this year for his performance) and Demolition Man. If you comment below, I may just tell you what the 3 sea shells are used for!

Happy Birthday Sylvester Stallone!

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