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GTA V | First Person Mode on PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

In case you didn’t know, GTA V is being released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the 18th November. And if you didn’t know, where the he’ll have you been hiding!? But not just that, the newly remastered versions now come with a first-person perspective mode!

This new mode will re-imagine how we all experience GTA. Bringing with it a new level of detail that has been worked on in order to make first-personnot just a gimmick, but a totally cool new way to play the game. Just think of those in-car dashboard visuals, street posters and so much more…all this has been re-worked for these next-gen platforms. Yum! There is also said to be 3,000 new animation just for the guns! Much more has gone into this game than we thought when we published this article relating to a few upgrades a while back.

“There’s stuff that just doesn’t exist in third-person: the weapon recoil, the reloads, the weapon switching. All of the weapons have been up-rezzed and animated properly, so the shells come out the right way and have the right muzzle flashes. I think we created 3,000 animations on weapons alone.” Rob Nelson | Animation Director on GTA 5.

The sheer amount of work on this new mode has been the driving point to increase the immense level of detail in the next-gen version; there was nothing really wrong with the level of detail in older consoles…we thought! Rockstar Games art director Aaron Garbut goes on to explain;


Over 3,000 new weapon animations.
Over 3,000 new weapon animations.

“There’s something incredible about running around this world in first-person, glancing down at Trevor’s hands, now your hands and seeing the tattoos, the dirt under his nails, putting on a pair of sunglasses and watching as the screen tints to match their colour, stealing a car, watching as your fingers hotwire it and then glance up and see the dash kick into life and the rev-counter jump as you floor it and the ABS light flicker on as you skid round corners.

“Maybe heading over to the airport, police giving chase, glancing down and noticing the owner has left an old cup and some cigarette ends in the ashtray. Pull up at the airport, taking note of the song playing on the radio’s display on your dash. Dive out and into a plane or a helicopter, watching as you pull on your helmet and the HUD springs into gear, climbing higher and looking at your HUD move with your head and the various dials, compass, warning lights, artificial horizon and every other detail moves and blinks on your helicopters control panel.”

“Sweeping over the city where all these added lights, increased draw distance complete with cars on distant freeways, and atmospheric fog adds up to a city that’s way more alive than you’ve seen before, then up higher and out the door, skydiving then opening your parachute and looking up at your hands as they pull the cords guiding you down onto a rooftop. It’s a whole new experience.

“And then with a click you’re in third person and there’s your character again in front of you – it’s a whole other new experience.”

A new way to have fun.
A new way to have fun.

The third-person to first-person switching is done almost instantly via the touchpad on PS4, at least. This really does add to the whole experience.

“We took each individual piece and looked at how much further we could polish it – nothing about this process is automated,” says Garbut. “This is the team going in by hand and looking at every aspect of the game and seeing how we could apply additional memory or additional processing power.”

“A really good example is lighting and particle effects. We went in and hand-placed them in very specific ways in areas that we thought could benefit and surprise the player, like fireflies at night in the countryside, or ambient light pollution over Los Santos at night. We added extra details to the world where it made sense – take a look at the interior of Trevor’s truck for instance, which probably looks exactly as you’d imagine.

“I think we had a great starting point but that’s what it was, a start, which has let us drill down into so much more detail and solidity. To hone everything well beyond the point we’d normally be happy and bring it to a new level.”

the draw scale has been increased. In other words, more detail!
the draw scale has been increased. In other words, more detail!

Lighting and vegetation has also seen major rework in attempts to make us feel like we are living in a Grand Theft Auto movie.

“Our lighting and graphics teams have made a lot of changes, all to give the world more realism and dynamism and to ensure the world itself just feels more vital and alive,” says Garbut.

“This will dive a little into the more technical areas, but we have a much improved screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO) solution that gives us far more solidity than we had before. Most lights now have dynamic shadows, and there are modelled caustic spread patterns on car headlights and many of our placed lights – basically, this is the effect when light is refracted through another material, like water in a pool or in this case the glass in front of the bulb.”

Night time looks even better.
Night time looks even better.

“Shadows now cast through the fog itself, so we see lovely shafts of light. Cutscene lighting and much of the city lighting was entirely redone. We have massively upgraded reflections – it’s especially noticeable with all the neon and building lights reflected in the cars at night.

“We have lots more volumetric fog going on, whether the atmospheric glow of building lights in the sky at night or the way the lights in general dissipate in foggy weather. When it begins to rain, these reflections are more noticeable in the puddles and the rain itself now refracts the light around it.”

Mark my words now, this game will be incredible and genuinely be worth forking out another £40 to play the game again! This could be special.


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