Fallout 4 Vault 75 Overseer Safe Location

Fallout 4 | Find Vault 75 Overseer Safe

Fallout 4 is an amazing game. Fact. It is a game that offers hours, actually days of scouring the wasteland for anything and everything.

With that, however, also comes great frustration when finding things, or not being able to find them to be more precise.

I faced this issue when entering Vault 75 in Fallout 4 and looking for the Overseers Safe after clearing it out.

Take a look at the video I put together if you are stuck with this one too.

Fallout 4 | Vault 75 Overseer Safe Location!

Do not forget that there are actually TWO safes in Vault 75! Sneaky, sneaky. What you do find may be rather underwhelming, though.

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Enjoy Fallout 4 and leave your comments on what you think of the game below…  ikano bank loan reviews

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