All 20 stadiums are in the game.
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EA Sports Sign Premier League Super Deal

EA Sports have announced one of the biggest partnerships with the Premier League; one that will include all 20 Premier League stadiums in FIFA 15 and over 200+ player head scans.This means a much greater level of authenticity for the most popular league in the game. Take a look at this video posted by EA Sports’ YouTube channel.

One that for me would keep career mode fresh and interesting with each game having that different feel to it; exactly how it should. They are said to look, sound and feel just as they do in real life.

All 20 Premier League Stadiums | There were 8 Premier League stadiums in FIFA 14, so you can see just how big a deal this actually is.

Authentic Player Head ScansOver 200 new player heads will be scanned into FIFA 15 from the 2013/14 Premier League teams and will be joined by promoted teams. Using the latest 3D scanning technology to capture a player’s true likeness and give them the most realistic version of themselves in a football game.

Guess Who?
Guess Who?

Broadcast GraphicsBroadcast graphics you’ll recognise from international Premier League television feeds: team sheets, formations, score and clock, next fixture and player stats. Think Sky Sports, and you’ll know what this means.

It's looking more like Sky Sports this season; not a bad thing.
It’s looking more like Sky Sports this season; not a bad thing.

Goal Line Technology | It makes its appearance in the premier league this year for the second year, but it’s first in the FIFA series.

Is it, isn't it?
Is it, isn’t it?

One question remains… vanishing referee spray paint that has been announced for the new season after proving popular in the World Cup!?

So there you have it, some big news for FIFA 15 as it really seems to be delivering on its aim for authenticity and emotion this season. I’m looking forward to this one as I spend 99% of my time using Premier League teams so will really see the added benefits. Do you guys mostly use the Premier League too? Comment below to start the discussion.


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