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Gran Turismo makes its debut on PS4

Gran Turismo 6 released back in 2013 on the PlayStation 3. It is now 2016 and we are getting our first taste of Gran Turismo on current-gen consoles with Gran Turismo Sport. This appears a deliberate strategy not to call it number 7, instead looking to redefine the series and take it into a new direction.

Take a look at the E3 trailer below!

The game looks impressive and if it can live up to its claim on social racing, then this could be pretty impressive.

I have always found the Gran Turismo series to be a real simulator, sometimes too serious for the casual gamer. But with Sport, it appears it is aiming to inject a bit more fun into the game as well.

No doubt though, this is a game to look out for at the end of the year.

To see a full list of the improvements and features for Gran Turismo Sport, check out the official news over at their website!

Gran Turismo will be available from November 15th, 2016 on PS4 only.

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