Call of Duty: Roman Wars – The Lost Game.

Call of Duty: Roman Wars is as crazy as it sounds.

It’s bizarre to think that FPS have now saturated the market with modern day settings and even futuristic ones. The market will be injected with some freshness thanks to Battlefield 1 and help give us a WWI game that we have become to miss dearly.

But back in 2008, a Call of Duty game based in ancient Rome was actually a thing. Check out the video below for the full story and read more from the original news over at GamesRadar.

The third-person mode focused on a “very Gears of War-style: straightforward melee, a little bit of a strafing”, while the first-person followed the parry and attack system of the niche but acclaimed Xbox 360 game Condemned: Criminal Origins from 2005 (one of the few games to do first person melee well). That utilized a shield and sword for the most part, says Polemus. “The real work for the combat system went into just a shield-sword, block and parry which worked really well; it was a fun mechanic”. Other options included bows, spears and axes, and at one point the team were even working with the idea that you could throw handfuls of sand in enemies’ eyes to blind them. Call of Duty: Roman Wars

A source involved with the project, asked to be named as ‘Polemus’ (security and all that jazz) told GamesRadar that the demo started with a short horse riding section and a speech from Julius Caesar, with the player controlling a character called Titus Pullo. “Basically your objective in that mission was to take out the archers”, says Polemus, but explains that there were actually three ways to achieve this to show off various mechanics. “You go to the catapults, you release the catapults to take out some of the archers, you could climb up the siege towers or you could drive on the war elephants, which everybody freaking loved the most!”

Would you have liked to have seen Call of Duty: Roman Wars come to release? Let me know in the comments below!

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