Battlefield 1 Real Life Mode Video

Watch Battlefield 1 in a way that shows how far we have come with graphics in gaming! You could easily mistake this for a WW1 movie because it looks simply stunning.

YouTuber JackFrags provides us with a very cinematic experience playing Battlefield 1 with the HUD completely turned off and colour correction. He used the Battlefield 1 Cinematic Tools to achieve this thanks to Hatti Watti. You can download the tools here:

Of course it would be ridiculously difficult to see which players are on your side and have no clue what the score between teams are, but it still looks really impressive. I guess it would not matter so much for single player deathmatch possibly. Or even for a single player campaign mode, these settings could surely work!? It is food for thought, delicious food for thought.

This makes hardcore mode look soft. Let me know what you think of a ‘real-life mode’ for Battlefield 1 in the comments section below!

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