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7 Aces In Rainbow Six: Siege – Which is the Best?

Vote for what you think is my best Rainbow Six: Siege ace to date! All these aces take place in Ranked Play – it’s the only mode I play.

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1. My First Ever Ace! // Caveira

I popped my ace cherry with this one and it wasn't a bad one. She's a f**king rat, but we all love her, don't we? 

2. The Ace Clutch (1 Health) // Kapkan

What started off with some potato aiming actually ended up being quite a decent round of Siege for me! A clutch is thrown in for good measure, of course.

3. Defuser Plant & Clutch! // Montagne

An ace is pretty impressive in itself. But sometimes the situations aren't always as straightforward as just getting 5 kills. Here, the defuser plant and clutch make this a technically cool ace. 

God bless the shield!

4. 55 Second Ace // Caveira

The second Caveira ace on the list and what makes this one even sweeter is the fact that it took less than 60 seconds!

5. When Viewers Troll the Stream! Ace // Blitz

"You're S**t" is just one of the bits of abuse you can et when streaming Siege. But sometimes, it's what you need to dig a little deeper baby and bring out your A game!

6. The Best Final Kill to an Ace? // Jackal

It's important to drone, kids. If you forget that one, then this ace will remind you again and again. Sweet.

7. Silencer in Siege? Got me the Ace! // Zofia

Stealth is important. But not many people see the benefit of the silencer in Rainbow Six: Siege. This ace may get you to try using it a little more often...

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